A full appointment system is employed for your convenience and appointments can be made by telephoning the Receptionist  on:  028 816 48292 / 028 816 48216, by calling in person or by using our new online system. Please call to reception for details on how to register online.

Our aim is to provide 48 hour access for patients. If you do not require an immediate appointment, please book in advance, leaving immediate appointments for acute conditions.

Appointments are available daily to accommodate those patients who need to be seen same day, especially sick children.

Please do not book these appointments unless there is a genuine, urgent reason to do so.

All appointments are for 10 minute duration, if you feel you require further time please inform the receptionist when  making your appointment.

Please make a separate appointment for each person. If you cannot attend please CANCEL as soon as possible to  allow us to allocate your appointment to someone else. Appointments can also be cancelled online.

For those Patients who frequently DO NOT ATTEND their appointment and fail to CANCEL it  ACTION will be taken by the practice.

Sperrin Family Practice

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Phone: 028 816 48292
Fax: 028 816 48099  
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Phone: 028 816 48216
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